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[March 19] LOVE SAIJO Point Festa was held

[March 19] LOVE SAIJO Point Festa was held

On March 19th, the “LOVE SAIJO Point Festa” was held under the concept of “Let’s do it together, little by little”.
The Festa will be held mainly in the green areas around the Aquatopia water system, and this time the shopping district will also participate. On the day of the event, the weather was fine and you could feel the spring weather, and it was crowded with about 1,500 families. At the venue and the shopping district, visitors enjoyed events such as shopping at points, a point rally where you can feel the changes in the history of the venue and the shopping district, making straw straws and drawing a tumbler in the forest.

From the exhibitors, "I'm glad that the weather was good and many people came", "I wish there were more reward points!" I received a voice such as "It has become."

[Gourmet Marche, product sales/experience corner, special exhibition corner]

It was the last LOVESAIJO point 30% reduction event of the year, and many customers came and enjoyed shopping.

There is also a medical examination and hand-washing class organized by a drug store in the city and three general hospitals, an exhibition and sale of organic fertilizers, and an exhibition of materials on the Aquatopia water system. We were able to create a place where people can feel the SDGs from their own health and the local environment.

Click here for the shops that opened ▶▶▶ Why don't you come to "LOVESAIJO Point Festa"?

[Walk rally]

Photos used in the walk rally (Sakaemachi shopping street: around 1965)

This walk rally gave 100 LOVESAIJO points for going around the venue and the shopping street from each parking lot. The walk rally was a system where participants could get points by reading QR codes installed at five spots in the city with their smartphones.
This time, we set up photos of the town centered around 1965-1975 at each spot. We planned this event with the hope that you will feel the changes in the scenery of the town and think about what kind of town Saijo will be 30 years from now.
Many people visited the spots while reminiscing about the photos. I hope that the event will be an opportunity to visit the shopping district.

[SDGs card game]

Many families with children also participate. It was an opportunity for each and every one of us to be conscious and take action little by little, so that we can continue to live in a town where the children of today can grow up.

["Experience SDGs" Straw straw making & forest tumbler drawing class]

Straw straw making and forest tumbler drawing class where you can feel plastic-free.
I was surprised to find that tumblers are made of useless wood and plants.
The children listened intently to the story of the SDGs and made straws of their own length and colorful tumblers.

[Special stage]

The comedy duo "Oda Ueda" to which Mr. Oda from Saijo City belongs, the composer "Raymond Matsuya" from Saijo City, an amateur band and a hula dance team will participate in this stage.
We invited customers who displayed "special event invitation" on the app's SDGs meter (My meter) to the "special area" where they could see the stage at the forefront.
At the talk show by Mr. Odaueda, the mayor also joined the SDGs quiz.

LOVESAIJO points and SDGs meter will continue from FY2023.
From now on, why don't you check the app and start doing what you can do now for the children of the future?