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[Campaign has ended] 2nd LOVE SAIJO point 30% big return campaign! Start October 1st! !

[Campaign has ended] 2nd LOVE SAIJO point 30% big return campaign! Start October 1st! !

LOVE SAIJO Points” are regional points that can be used at registered stores in the city at the rate of 1 point = 1 yen .

In Saijo City, as a countermeasure against the prolonged new coronavirus infectious disease and soaring crude oil prices and commodity prices, we will return 30 % of the usage amount for the purpose of stimulating consumption in the area and reducing the burden on households . 2nd ” (prefecture/municipal cooperation economic measures) will be implemented.
During the campaign period, 30 % of the purchase amount will be returned as LOVE SAIJO points when you shop at stores registered with " LOVE SAIJO points" in the city .

Applies to payments at all registered stores. You can participate even if your point balance is 0 !
In addition to point balance payment, payment by cash or cashless payment is also OK ( * ).

Sorry I made you wait! "LOVESAIJO point card" finally introduced!

This time, in addition to the new payment method using the app, we will introduce " LOVESAIJO point card" !

Even those who do not have a smartphone can use it easily.
We have it in the store that handles it, so please give us a shout.
"Buy", "Eat", "Stay" and "Experience" with "LOVE SAIJO Points"
Let's revitalize the town together!
■ Campaign period
October 1 (Saturday) - December 31 (Saturday)
* The campaign ends as soon as the budget reaches the upper limit.
■ Granted point limit
15,000 points (payment of up to 50,000 yen per person)
1% of LOVESAIJO points will always be returned at any store .
Even after reaching the upper limit of 15,000 points, you can receive a 1% return on the total amount of your shopping without any restrictions, so please use your LOVESAIJO points to your advantage.

■ Expiration date for points granted
January 31, 2020 (Tuesday)​
■ Refund target
This applies to the amount paid by scanning the QR code of the store using the LOVE SAIJO platform app "prairie" and "LOVE SAIJO point card".
In addition to paying the LOVE SAIJO point balance, if the point balance is 0 or the points are insufficient, the amount paid by cash or cashless payment will be returned to the total amount used.

* Available payment methods vary depending on the registered store.
■Point grant date
It will be reflected in the LOVE SAIJO platform app "prairie" and "LOVE SAIJO point card" the day after payment.

Check here for LOVE SAIJO points dealers.