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    [March 19] LOVE SAIJO Point Festa was held

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    Manuscript of LOVESAIJO Point Marche! Participated in the Ehime Prefectural High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival / Niihama West High School Broadcast Club

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    About the establishment of the business promotion working group system (guidance)

About the council What is Saijo City SDGs Promotion Council?

In May 2021, Saijo City was selected as the "SDGs Future City" as a city that actively works to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) advocated by the United Nations, and as a leading business proposal, the "local government". Selected for "SDGs Model Business".

In January 2022, we established the Saijo City SDGs Promotion Council. We will promote the town development of public-private partnership with many companies and various groups regardless of whether it is inside or outside the city, and aim to realize a sustainable Saijo city.

Nowadays, local cities all over the country are exposed to the rough waves of rapid population decline. Under such circumstances, we will develop various initiatives together with many Saijo city lovers so that we can entrust a bright future to the young people living in the present.

[Outline of the council]
 Location: 131-2 Akiyashiki, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
 Established: January 2022
 Chairman: Katsushi Nishimura (Vice President, Ehime University)
 Vice Chairman: Tamai Toshihisa (Mayor of Saijo)
 Director: Atsuhiro Nakayama (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation Shikoku Branch Deputy Branch Manager)
 Director: Miyoshi Ochi (Representative Director, Saijo Industrial Information Support Center Co., Ltd.)
 Auditor: Shinji Watanabe (Director, Regional Revitalization Department, The Iyo Bank, Ltd.)
 Auditor: Atsushi Okada (Director, Public Service Hometown Promotion Department, The Ehime Bank, Ltd.)

Join usSDGs partner system

The Saijo City SDGs Promotion Council will start a partner system for the realization of a sustainable city, Saijo, in collaboration with companies, organizations, and citizens. Would you like to work on SDGs together?

For corporations, various groups, and sole proprietors

It doesn't matter if there is an activity base in the city

For individuals, we plan to establish it in the 4th year of Reiwa.
Please participate as an "SDGs individual supporter"

Saijo City SDGs
Recruiting partners

No membership fee*

* A separate membership fee is required if you wish to register as the "Saijo City SDGs Future City Promotion Organization" to be established in the 4th year of Reiwa.

Work on SDGs is required

  • I want to continue to develop my company in the future
  • I want to expand new business partners
  • I want to acquire excellent young human resources

But ... I often hear these worries

  • I want to start by studying SDGs
  • I don't know what to do ...
  • It's going to cost a lot of money ...

Saijo City SDGs Promotion Council
Eliminate such anxiety of everyone!


Providing information on promoting SDGs!
We provide original goods (stickers, etc.)!

The promotion council will establish a two-stage system

First from STEP1 SDGs partners
Would you like to get started?

SDGs individual support system